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OS-Climate is very pleased that Capgemini has joined our growing Community of Practice and Action under the Linux Foundation, which is jointly developing open data and open source analytics to accelerate and scale finance and investment for achieving Paris Climate Accord goals.

OS-Climate Founder and CEO Truman Semans recently got together to discuss the partnership with Cyril Garcia, Capgemini Group Executive Board Member and Global Sustainability Services and Corporate Responsibility Head, at ChangeNOW 2023 in Paris.  Here is a video of the conversation, with excerpts below.

Cyril Garcia said, “We recognize that the net zero challenge is immense and requires collaboration. We joined OS-Climate because we believe in the power of community. And also, as a tech company, we believe that the availability and analysis of data – both open source and client data – is a key enabler to help resolve the climate challenges facing us.”

“Working with OS Climate’s platform and data, and bringing our expertise in data, analytics, modeling, engineering, and consulting to the table, this is a strong combination,” he added.

Truman Semans said, “We are delighted that Capgemini, which works with leading technology companies to help its clients harness the potential of data , will help scale OS-Climate’s impact in accelerating greenhouse gas mitigation and resilience.  The collaboration will bring open data and open source analytics to enable better climate-aligned strategy and investment by its clients — a who’s who of leading global corporations across financial services, energy, power, automotive, industrials, consumer goods, and other sectors.”

Capgemini will lead development of the OS-Climate Transition Scenario Analysis Tool, WITNESS, along with the associated optimization engine and user interface, SoSTrades.  WITNESS is a modeling platform using a system of systems approach to build a complete world economic transition model.  WITNESS is able to plug in a wide range of best-in-class models from diverse sources to evaluate strategies and investments across the economy.

Not only will this powerful tool enable the financial sector and “real economy” companies to confidently increase investment in climate solutions, but it also will be freely available for use by governments and academic institutions, supporting economic development, policy planning, and research.

In addition to OS-Climate’s Transition Analysis Tool, Capgemini intends to leverage OS-Climate’s Data Commons and Data Mesh platform. Capgemini can provide its clients with valuable insights by combining the platform with OS-Climate’s Physical Risk & Resilience Tool and its Sector Alignment Tool, helping those clients align investment portfolios with climate goals.