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OS-Climate Membership


OS-Climate is an established open source collaboration community that’s building a data and software platform that will dramatically boost global capital flows into climate change mitigation and resilience. OS-Climate intends to aggregate the best available data, modeling, computing and data science worldwide.  By managing data as code, we ensure the availability, transparency, quality, and traceability of data needed to power analytics tools such as Physical Risk & Resilience, Portfolio Alignment, and Transition Analysis – supporting climate aligned investing.

The OS-Climate technology platform will accelerate development of scenario-based predictive analytic tools and investment products that manage climate-related risk and finance climate solutions across every geography, sector, and asset class. The OS-Climate open source organization: (1) enables alignment of the stakeholder community on priority data and modeling needs, (2) focuses shared resources on executing those priorities, and (3) accelerates adoption.


In addition to helping accelerate climate aligned investing, these are some of the specific benefits corporate OS-Climate members enjoy:

  • Development of data/tools that address needs of Members, their clients and stakeholders.
    • Directly influence OS-C prioritization in developing the Data Commons and Analytics, as well as defining key requirements and specifications for infrastructure and tools.
    • Gain full visibility of OS-C roadmaps including: proof-of-concepts, software development testing, and data projects being undertaken by OS-C in advance of public release.
  • Learning
    • Through participation in governance bodies, data/analytics projects, and OS-C external engagement, interact closely with experts from peer organizations, real economy companies, academia, public sector, etc.. 
  • Cost reduction, cost efficiency
    • Rather than develop and maintain data/tools entirely in-house, share the cost of the “pre-competitive layers” of models and data that all users need, but are too complex and expensive to build on one’s own and/or not the basis for unique competitive advantage.
  • Branding, marketing, influence
    • Interact and network with other asset owners, investment consultants, and industry influencers involved in OS-C.
    • Speak and/or participate in OS-C events, prestigious conferences (e.g. COP27), press releases, media coverage, blogs, reports and case studies.
    • Drive organizational awareness through co-branded content and special projects.
  • Support from OS-C and Linux Foundation Teams
    • Learn about best practices and obtain advice for your internal teams, customers and/or clients.
    • Support from OS-C community members at your events, initiatives, and/or with collateral (e.g. hear from field experts, whitepapers).


  • PREMIER ($100,000/year)
  • GENERAL ($30,000/year)
  • ASSOCIATE (No cost, reserved for Academia, IGO, NGO)

Note: OS-Climate membership also requires companies to be a corporate member of The Linux Foundation (at any level). The pricing above is for OS-Climate membership only.


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