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OS-Climate @ NYC Climate Week

OS-Climate announces additional speakers for its event on Wednesday, September 20th, 2:15 – 4:10 PM EST hosted by BNP Paribas. New speakers include Constance Chalchat, BNP Paribas Chief Sustainability Officer for CIB; Bob Litterman, member of the Climate-related Financial Risk Advisory Committee to the U.S. Financial Stability Oversight Council’s (#FSOC), and Martin Wainstein, Executive Director of the Open Earth Foundation.

OS-Climate was at VivaTech in Paris!

OS-Climate was in Paris for VivaTech, Europe’s Biggest Startup and Tech Event, from 14-Jun to 16-Jun. Our booth was a huge success and provided a great opportunity for people to learn more about our mission to provide open-source data and software tools to enable the global shift to climate-aligned finance and investing. See demos of our Physical Risk & Resilience, Sector Alignment and Transition Analysis tools and find out how you can get involved.

Watch Brendan Reilly’s Interview on the VivaTech News Channel

Learn About the OS-Climate Community & Projects:  CLICK TO WATCH

Learn Why OS-Climate Is Different?  CLICK TO WATCH


OS-Climate @ Linux Foundation’s Open Source Summit for SustainabilityCon

OS-Climate shared the power of open innovation for a more sustainable future at SustainabilityCon.

  • Watch Red Hat’s Erik Erlandson share details about OS-C’s underlying Data Mesh infrastructure in an interview by theCUBE as well as an interview by TechStrong.TV.
  • Learn more about OS-Climate and the Sustainable Africa Initiative from Heather Ackenhusen in an interview by TechStrong.TV.

OS-Climate @ COP27

Global leaders in sustainable finance, investment, and open source technology, along with OS-Climate Members came together in Egypt to present the latest version of OS-C’s platform and analytical tools. Watch the video recordings of key events.

UN’s Global Innovation Hub

Open Data for Climate

UN’s Digital Innovation Pavilion

Open Source & Digital Public Goods for Climate Action

Sustainable Investment Forum

It’s Time to Focus on Climate Adaptation

UN’s Global Innovation Hub

Collectively Building the Open Climate Network

Bloomberg Risk and Regulation Week EMEA 2022

Climate Risk – Why does it matter now?

Matt Sandoe, OS-Climate’s Physical Risk & Resilience Lead, shares why climate risk matters now both from a risk and opportunity perspective.  Matt and the panel take a closer look into physical and transition risk and discuss the key regulatory drivers.


Watch OS-Climate’s Webinar Series:

Open Source Launch of Climate-Aligned
Analytical Tools

Held on October 5th, 6th & 10th 2022

Physical Risk & Resilience Tools: An update on the physical risk and resilience initiative at OS-Climate

October 5 @ 4:00 PM CEST/10:00 AM ET


Exploring Transition Paths: WITNESS

October 6 @ 4:00 PM CEST/10:00 AM ET


Driving Convergence around Portfolio Alignment Tools: Introduction to OS-Climate Implied Temperature Rise (ITR) Model

October 10 @ 4:00 PM CEST/10:00 AM ET




Global leaders in sustainable finance, investment, and open source technology, along with OS-Climate Members came together to present the OS-C platform. The platform is designed to rapidly accelerate the shift of global investment away from GHG-intensive and climate-vulnerable companies, technologies, and infrastructure towards sustainable solutions which drive mitigation, resilience, and adaptation. 

Major speakers included: 

Truman Semans, Founder and CEO, OS-Climate Fiona Reynolds, CEO, PRI
David Blood, GFANZ Portfolio Alignment Chair  Rich Sorkin, CEO, Jupiter Intelligence 
Catherine Jestin, EVP, Airbus  Rim Tehraoui, Global Group Chief Data Officer, BNP Paribas & OS-Climate Governing Board Chair 
Margaret Kuhlow, Global Finance Practice Leader, WWF  Gunther Thallinger, Chair, Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance 
Tianyi Luo, Director, Aqueduct Project, World Resources Institute  Dickie Whitaker, Chief Executive, Oasis Loss Modelling Framework 
Fabio Natalucci, Co-Chair of Bridging the Data Gap Workstream, NGFS  Jim Whitehurst, OS-C Senior Advisor, formerly President of IBM and CEO of Red Hat 
Meryam Omi, COP26 High Level Champions Team Member  Chris Wright, CTO, Red Hat 
Sarah Bloom Raskin, former US Federal Reserve Governor  Jim Zemlin, CEO, Linux Foundation 

Master of Ceremonies: Richard Peers, Founder at ResponsibleRisk Ltd, 23 year veteran of Microsoft in Financial Services.

See the full list of speakers: 

Watch Videos from the Event


Introduction & Advancing the Investor’s Climate Agenda with Open Source/Open Data 

Speakers: Truman Semans, Daniel Godfrey, Richard Peers, Fiona Reynolds 

Summary:  Get an overview about OS-Climate and why it matters to sustainable investor stakeholders.  

Watch Here

Fireside Chat: What is Open Innovation All About? A Conversation with the Linux Foundation and IBM 

Speakers: Jim Whitehurst, Jim Zemlin 

Summary:  Learn how the sustainable finance and investing community can benefit from Open Source technologies and practices, as well as how these best practices have driven many innovative breakthroughs in other problem areas.  

Watch Here

Panel: How Can Open Data and Open Source Advance Climate Policy Goals? 

Speakers: Sarah Bloom Raskin, Meryam Omi, Fabio Natalucci, Bob Litterman 

Summary:  Learn how the OS-C platform supports the implementation of sustainable financial policies as well as standards. 

Watch Here

Overview of OS-Climate Platform 

Speakers: Ton van Welie and Truman Semans

Summary: Learn more about OS-C’s vision, mission, and goals. Hear about how the platform is being used to solve real world problems for its members and the financial community.

Watch Here

Overview of Data Commons Use Cases, Architecture, and Panel Discussion

Speakers: Thomas Kirchherr, Vincent Caldeira, Ana Pinheiro Privette, Michael Tiemann, Christian Meyndt, Lauren Smart, and Ashlyn Belding

Summary:  Understand the Data Commons’ high-level architecture, as well as the importance of treating data as code to manage data ingestion, access/security, and lineage. Hear from members about how they are supporting the OS-C platform with data sources, data extraction methodologies and data governance.

Watch Here

Executive Insights: Role of Open Source in Mitigating Climate Change 

Speakers: Chris Wright 

Summary:  Hear about the importance of open source in solving complex problems like Climate Change. 

Watch Here

Executive Insights:  What Major Challenges in Finances & Investment Do Financial Institutions and Companies Face Regarding Climate? 

Speakers: Jim Whitehurst, Catherine Jestin, Rim Tehraoui, Hani Kablawi 

Summary: Hear from key executives on the challenges facing the financial and investment community, and where OS-C can address gaps in data along with tools.  

Watch Here

Federated Hermes and GFANZ Keynotes, plus Building Open Source Portfolio Alignment Capabilities 

Speakers: Saker Nusseibeh, David Blood, Leyla Javadova, Bert Kramer, Jared Westheim, Girish Narula, Jaakko Kooroshy, Maarten Vleeschhouwer, Margaret Kuhlow 

Summary:  Hear from our keynote speakers about the importance of aligning portfolios to Net Zero targets. Learn more about the Implied Temperature Rise (ITR) tool that is built on the OS-C platform.  Hear from a panel of key stakeholders about why tools like ITR are important in driving action and changes in investment strategies.  

Watch Here

Physical Risk Tool Session 

Speakers: Matt Sandoe, Joe Moorhouse, Nikolaos Dimakis, Rich Sorkin, Constance Chalchat, Dickie Whitaker, Tianyi Luo 

Summary: Learn about how we are incorporating Physical Risk analysis into the OS-C platform. Watch a demo of the vulnerability tool.  Hear from a panel of experts on the importance of modeling the financial impacts of perils (wind, flood, fire, etc) in driving financial investment decisions.  

Watch Here

Overview & Demo of Witness/SOSTrades 

Speakers: Thierry Chevalier, Matthieu Meaux 

Summary: Hear about plans to incorporate transition risk modeling and Airbus’ Witness tool into the OS-C platform. Watch a demo of the tool. 

Watch Here

NZAOA Chair – Call to Action & OS-Climate Chair – Summary 

Speakers: Günther Thallinger, Truman Semans 

Summary:  Learn more about achieving NetZero through sustainable finance investment and how you can help. 

Watch Here

Thank you to all our COP26 speakers, event organizers, and participants! 

OS-Climate Technical Deep Dive Sessions


On 1-Dec and 2-Dec-2021, OS-Climate held technical deep dive sessions about our OS-C platform and tools. Our Open Source solutions will be made available to the public in Q1 2022.

Watch Videos about our Technical Implementation & Solutions


Data Commons Architecture and Infrastructure Demo

Speakers: Vincent Caldeira and Erik Erlandson from Red Hat

Summary:  Obtain details on the Data Commons components including the data management architecture. Learn how we manage data like code, turning a “data mess” into a “data mesh”.

Watch Here

Data Sources and Linkages Across Datasets (Bonus Video)

Speakers: Michael Tiemann from Red Hat

Summary:  Learn more about the data available in the Data Commons, along with how different datasets can be combined to drive insights into climate-smart investing.

Watch Here

Extraction/Transformation of Corporate Data from structured and unstructured sources

Speakers: Lea Deleris from BNP Paribas, Ismail Demir from Allianz IDS GmbH, Jeremy Goh from BNP Paribas, Karan Chauhan from Red Hat, Christian Meyndt

Summary:  Learn how users can leverage OS-C’s NLP toolkit to extract key climate data/metrics from unstructured reports like ESG and annual reports.

Watch Here

Physical Risk & Vulnerability Modeling

Speakers: Matt Sandoe from BNP Paribas, Joe Moorhouse from BNP Paribas, and Nikolaos Dimakis from Federated Hermes

Summary:  Obtain details about our methodology and approach to exposure and vulnerability models for Physical Risk as well as the technologies in use (note: includes commentary from Truman Semans CEO of OS-Climate on plans for academic involvement and Michael Tiemann from Red Hat on related data sources).

Watch Here

Portfolio Alignment: ITR (Implied Temperature Rise) Tooling and Methodology

Speakers: Jared Westheim from Goldman Sachs, Leyla Javadova from Allianz, Ruben Haalebos from LSEG, Joris Cramwinckel from Ortec Finance

Summary:  Learn more about our ITR tool architecture, design, and API. We dive into climate scenario selection, emissions projections, temperature calculations, and portfolio reporting.

Watch Here

Transition Risk:

Speakers: Thierry Chevalier, Matthieu Meaux, Marie Morere, Pierre-Jean Barjhoux, Élise Leonard, and Valentin Jonquière from Airbus

Summary:  Obtain details about the SoSTrades platform including the code behind a damage model and a demo of the tool’s capabilities. Dive into WITNESS’ capabilities, including the energy subpart and the optimization capabilities.

Watch Here

Thank you to all our Technical Deep Dive speakers and participants!