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Governance and Business Model

Governance Structure

  • Business model: Non-profit 501(c)(6) business association under the Linux Foundation, the largest organizer of open source tech initiatives globally; platform management and development funded by annual member fees plus (US$100,000 or $30,000 annual fee, corresponding to different governance rights), supplemented by philanthropic grants and potentially government funding; all data and code produced by OS-Climate will be a free and fully transparent public good, available to all, but it also will interconnect with proprietary data sources and with proprietary tools.
  • Governing Board (fee-paying members + Academia, IGO, NGO): Decides strategy, priorities, & budget. In Year 1, Asset Owners, Asset Managers, & Banks will be the majority and set direction.
  • Technical Advisory Council (TAC): Sets technical vision, facilitates collaboration among the Technical Projects, and recommends budget and technical decisions to Board.
  • Technical Steering Committees (TSCs): Are responsible for technical oversight of each technical project. Teams with product leads and project managers coordinate members contributions on workstreams.

Contribution Agreements for each Project:

Charter for each Technical Steering Committee (TSC):

OS-Climate Org Chart