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OS-Climate Vision

OS-C is establishing an Open Source collaboration community to build a data and software platform that will dramatically boost global capital flows into climate change mitigation and resilience.

Through a non-profit, non-competitive organization, OS-C will aggregate the best available data, modeling, and computing and data science worldwide into an AI-enhanced physical-economic model that functions like an operating system, enabling powerful applications for climate-integrated investing in a world where the future will be very different from the past.

The OS-C technology platform will accelerate development of scenario-based predictive analytic tools and investment products that manage climate-related risk and finance climate solutions across every geography, sector, and asset class. The OS-C Open Source organization will enable alignment of the stakeholder community on priority data and modeling needs, focus shared resources on executing those priorities, and accelerate adoption.

OS-Climate Goal

Our goal is to rapidly accelerate the shift of global investment away from relatively GHG-intensive and climate-vulnerable companies, technologies, and infrastructure into mitigation, resilience, and adaptation that is financially sustainable and high-impact — especially in developing countries — as well as to enable design of better policy that effectively engages capital markets in addressing climate change.ccelerate adoption.