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The Linux Foundation and OS-Climate at

the United Nations COP28 Event

Physical Risk & Resilience Video

At COP28 in Dubai, Linux Foundation OS-Climate presented its physical risk and resilience tool.  BNP Paribas leads our community-based open source project that is developing the tool. It focuses on assessing risk in the bank’s global real estate mortgage portfolio, for credit risk and loan origination use cases.  The tool also could serve public interest use cases ─ for countries, IGOs, bilaterals, NGOs, etc. ─ such as better targeting adaptation and resilience investments in the Global Source for the Ag sector, housing, water and other infrastructure, biodiversity protection, etc.

Data Mesh Video

At COP28 in Dubai, Linux Foundation OS-Climate presented its Data Mesh (formerly Data OS-C Commons).  It addresses the data coverage challenge by enabling data federation from public, proprietary, and commercial sources, while addressing key concerns of data providers.  Red Hat leads the community-based open source project that is developing the architecture and co-leads our related sub-projects such as the PCAF Sovereign Footprint Data “Product.” The Data Mesh treats “data as code” and enables data management for data comparability, interoperability, accuracy, and trustworthiness.

Capgemini Joins Linux Foundation’s Open Source Climate

OS-Climate is very pleased that Capgemini has joined our growing Community of Practice and Action under the Linux Foundation.

Truman Semans, OS-Climate’s CEO, and Cyril Garcia, Capgemini’s Group Executive Board Member, discuss the power of open source collaboration to drive business and finance toward resilience and Net Zero.

Cyril Garcia shares why Capgemini joined the OS-Climate community, as well as how his company intends to leverage open-source data and analytics in support of Capgemini’s clients, aiding in climate-aligned decision making.

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BNP Paribas & OS-Climate Collaborate to Drive the Net-Zero Transition Across the Global Economy

Hear from Constance Chalchat, Head of CIB Company Engagement and Global Markets Chief Sustainability Officer, as she shares how BNPP is leading the implementation of open source solutions based on robust ESG data excellence.

Remarks From Christiana Figueres to First OS-Climate Roundtable

Basic Introduction to OS-Climate

How OS-Climate works in practice, and it’s overall impact (5 min video).

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