OS-Climate at COP26 


At COP26 on November 8th, OS-Climate and Federated Hermes hosted a half-day conversation about the power of open source in accelerating the transition to Net Zero. 

Global leaders in sustainable finance, investment, and open source technology, along with OS-Climate Members came together to present the OS-C platform. The platform is designed to rapidly accelerate the shift of global investment away from GHG-intensive and climate-vulnerable companies, technologies, and infrastructure towards sustainable solutions which drive mitigation, resilience, and adaptation. 

Click here to watch recordings of our COP26 event.

COP26 Highlights

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OS-Climate Technical Deep Dive Sessions


On 1-Dec and 2-Dec-2021, OS-Climate held technical deep dive sessions about our OS-C platform and tools. Our Open Source solutions will be made available to the public in Q1 2022.

Click here to watch Technical Deep Dive sessions about our OS-C platform and tools held on Dec 1st & 2nd.

Technical Deep Dive Sessions

Remarks From Christiana Figueres to First OS-Climate Roundtable

Investors, companies, and communities are overexposed to climate-related risk, and underexposed to climate-related opportunities. Climate change and our responses create secular trends that impact every sector, asset class, and geography. Most analytics and strategies fail to integrate many key factors beyond energy and carbon — things like technology, policy, resources, consumer preference, climate and weather, and macroeconomics.

But the cost of data, modeling, software development, and computing for the tools the market needs are too high for any firm to do it alone.

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